08. Vapecode 5 Pin Aviation Plug Barrel Coil


  • 5 pin Aviation (metal-screw-in)¬†plug barrel coil for Vapecode/Tiroma enail models DB01M/DB01SM/EL01/AB01.
  • Built-in K type thermocouple.
  • Black Kevlar sheath to increase leading wire service life.
  • Please make sure your enail kit is in the model list.
  • Description

    BARREL coil with 5 pin Aviation (metal-screw-in) plug for Vapecode/Tiroma enail models DB01M/DB01SM/EL01/AB01; Cable length 5 ft; weight 3.9 oz; Rapid heat transfer. Make sure you the plug fits your controller box.

  • Additional information

    16 mm, 20 mm

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