15. Vapecode Quartz Banger E nail Inserts 14 mm/18 mm Male Connections with Cap and Female Adapter


  • 100% Quartz perfect to pair up with your enail kit.
  • 14 mm and 18 mm male connection with male to female adapter.
  • Designed to fit 16 mm or 20 mm barrel coil.
  • Description

    Perfect to pair up with your enail kit that uses 16 mm or 20 mm coil. It has a nice deep cup for large slabs of essential oil plus a thick coil hook that will keep your enail coil safely in place. The cup’s thickness is within that perfect sweet spot of heating up quickly while still being a durable nail that will have a long lifetime.

  • Additional information

    For 16 mm Coil, For 20 mm Coil